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Deep Patel

About Me

I'm currently completing my bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. My main interests are in robotics, AI (specifically machine learning and deep learning) as well as anything automation related. I plan to develop my skills and knowledge by pursuing a Masters and/or PhD in a related field. I want to spend a substantial time researching in the field while gaining industry experiences though internships and other opportunities to grow.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and although I like home, I find it nice to explore other parts of the world. I got into the engineering field because I have always been very hands on and practical and also have been most interested in math and physics. If there's one way I would describe myself, it's by saying that I do not give up and when I put my mind to something, I can spend countless hours, day and night, until I figure it out. As much as I am passionate about technology, I am about helping the people around me. I am also a firm believer of "work hard, play hard", but only follow it when I feel that "hard" work has actually been done.

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Fun Facts:
Born In:  1996
Hometown:  Iselin, New Jersey
Favorite Food:  Burrito Bowl
Favorite Color:  Green/Purple
My Stress Relievers:  Working Out, Watching TED Talks/random MIT Lectures, Cooking, Snowboarding (when I can)