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Using object-oriented Java programming to create a virtual game

This project represents the first large scale object-oriented programming project I've done. It's significant to me because it truly solidified my understanding of OOP for the first time and sparked my continued fascination of computer science and its powers. In this project, I implemented a Blackjack game which consists of many classes to represent Cards, Deck, Players, Hand, etc. and a main class in which the main game played. After making a fully functional game in which multiple players can play and keep track of their money, I made some additions like:

           (1) Keeping count of your hand's total
           (2) Adding options to double down and split
           (3) Giving suggestions/probabilities based on dealer's hand and your hand (using researched Blackjack techniques)
           (4) Creating a GIU in which the user can play

Feel free to download the game on GitHub and try it out yourself by running the file