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Cache Memory Simulator

Analyzing the performance of a cache under variable configurations

This project is coded in C and helped me develop a good understanding of how a computer's cache memory works and how different configurations affect its performance and efficiency. The problem is the implement a program that is given a set of parameters such as: cache size, associativity, block size, replacement policy, write policy, and a trace file which contains a long list of memory read and write commands in the following form:

           0x804ae19: W 0x9cb32e0
           0x804ae1c: R 0x9cb32e4
           0x804ae1c: W 0x9cb32e4
           0x804ae10: R 0xbf8ef498

where the first address represents the and the program simulates these commands based on the cache configurations and outputs the number of memory reads & writes the cache has to perform to do the list of actions and the number of cache hits & misses, which are both indicative of the cache's performance under those configurations.

Feel free to download the project on GitHub and try it out yourself