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Lab Reports

Rutgers Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Labs

Testing of Materials for Analysis of Fatigue and Elastic Properties
Steam Engine Efficiency Analysis Lab Poster
Vibrational Measurement and Analysis using a Cantilever Beam
Momentum Deficit Behind a Cylinder under Water Modeled in a Wind Tunnel
LabView and Data Acquisition for Mechanical Engineering Measurements

Mechanical Engineering Measurements Labs

Comparison of Temperature Measurements using thermometers, thermocouples, thermistors, and RTDs
Application and Analysis of Various Flowrate Measurement Instruments/Methods
Comparison of Pressure Measurements using Various Test Apparatus and Techniques
Using Strain Gages and Rosettes To Find Characteristics of Constant Stress and Cantilever Beams

The data and accompanied programs written to analyze and graph the data are published on Github
under Senior Labs Fall and Measurements Labs


Sample Graph of Measured Sine Waves of different frequencies (from LabView Lab)